Part 12: The B-side to my Bipolar

Sometimes life becomes too overwhelming and I lose control, i.e. the record player flips and starts playing the A-side tracks more and more. It glitches and the music spirals into what feels like a never ending repeat of destructive songs.

Part 9: The Manic Medic’s Musings on Treatment and Medication

My compliance with taking tablets varied, and at times when I was younger and more naive, I’d intentionally miss a dose with the hope I’d have more energy and a better mood for the day. This was dangerous…

Part 3b: Sleepless highs

I would toss and turn, listen to music, attempt meditation techniques. Nothing helped. It then came to my attention that perhaps sleep was no longer necessary for me. After all, I didn’t feel tired at any point throughout the night. My thoughts were getting faster and faster and I felt good.